(1992, Chrysalis Records)

As defiantly political as you can get with Casio keyboards, this third album by indie-pop masters Carter is full of acerbic puns and the kind of biting satire that’s often written off as childish by people who forget how incendiary such ideas can sound to children.

Most of this admin’s nascent politicization came about from a battered cassette of this album, and what could be more punk than that?

Interestingly, the NME review of this album labeled them as ‘Britpop’, which may well be the first use of that term. Ironically, it would be the wave of Britpop that followed that did for Carter, who were deemed too uncool to ride the cool Britania wave.

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READ: The aforementioned NME article

WATCH: There’s not a huge amount of live footage from this album, but here’s a decent video of the chaps playing the excellent While You Were out.