(1999, Digital Hardcore)

Although ATR’s in-your-face digital punk extremism wasn’t much of a surprise by this, their third album, it still had the ability to knock one right on one’s arse.

More streamlined and song-orientated than their earlier releases, this was still like being kicked in the face by an angry mule, and far more punk fucking rock than anything that came out of the American punk scene in the 1990s.

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READ: There’s a great look back on the album on Punk News that properly places them in the context of the evolving musical landscape of the late ’90s. But far and away my favourite writing about this album has to go to this dreadful Pitchfork review that gives them a 3.6 rating on the grounds that *checks notes* their previous albums didn’t usher in an era of unbridled socialist utopia.

WATCH: They weren’t all talk, either. Here they are playing in the middle of a riot in Berlin in 1999 on the May Day protests.

And here’s a more straightforward live clip of them blasting through No Remorse (from the Spawn soundtrack) and lead track Revolution Action at Reading Festival the same year. Which makes this the first video where your faithful 1000 Albums admin is in the video.