(1993, Jive)

Souls of Mischief were four teenagers from the Hieroglyphics crew mentioned a few albums back, and this is one of the most assured hip hop debuts ever, made even more astonishing by the youth of its members.

Yet for all its clear brilliance, it never quite hit to bring the Souls up to the levels of Arrested Development and De La Soul in the record-buying public’s imagination. Looking back at how well ’93’ has held up over the intervening quarter-century, that seems stranger still.

LISTEN: If you’re not familiar with the album, here’s the link to listen on Spotify, it’s well worth your time.

READ: Here’s an excellent look back at the album over at The Quietus, written 7 years ago for the album’s 20th anniversary.

WATCH: And here’s the video to the excellent title track