(1997, Interscope)

This album is much reviled by some, but I for one have never truly understood why; especially when you factor in the presence of some of Page Hamilton’s grooviest and heftiest tunes, and a production from Dave Sardy that’s a lot like getting kicked in the chest by a riffpuncher.

Sure, whatever shift they took after Betty ended up leading down a path of terrible mediocrity, but I’ve never understood why people apply that to this album. I’m as likely to spin this out of choice as I am Betty, or Meantime.

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READ: Here’s an example of some of the hate that abounds, and here’s a take much closer to my own dear heart.

WATCH: Here’s a great video of the band hammering the absolute fuck out of Pure on German TV

And a fantastic full half-hour from them from the Aftertaste tour.