(1997, Slash/Reprise)

It’s quite something to be able to complete work on arguably your weakest album to date, know that to be true, and still decide to call it Album of the Year. It’s even more remarkable if, when you do that, your collection of below-standard fare is still one of the best that year.

It’s exactly what Faith No More achieved on their swansong for the 90s. From the bruising Collision to the excellent Ashes to Ashes, from the majestic Last Cup of Sorrow to the stunning Paths of Glory, a band whose worst album is this good belongs to the pantheon of the Gods.

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READ: It may have gotten hammered by the likes of Pitchfork (eye roll) at the time, but this Medium post is a nice look back at the lows and highs of the album

WATCH: What better way to spend five minutes of your lunchtime watching the band’s excellent performance of Ashes to Ashes on TFI Friday?