(1994, Roadrunner)

We’re not going to claim this is a masterpiece, given all the very clear evidence to the contrary, but we will say that this album was the soundtrack to at least one long hot nineties summer, and as such it retains an undeniable place in our hearts, and now one on this list, too.

While it may not be the most sophisticated album, twenty-five years later it’s remarkable how well it holds up, its braggadocio and horns approach to fusing the whitest rapping in the world with so-cal punk and New York hardcore offering up more than a handful of BIG CHOONS.

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READ: Not a lot of great writing around this one, but here’s the bassist from Dog Eat Dog speaking to a reporter for presumably the first time in two decades about the album’s 25 anniversary rerelease.

WATCH: And here’s some fairly hilarious footage of the band blasting through No Fronts, a song that will probably still get me on the dancefloor when I’m getting there on a Zimmer frame.