(1990, Sire)

A Replacements album in name only, the full line up only really appear together on one song. This was supposed to be singer Westerberg’s first solo album, and it serves to fit somewhere between the two discographies.

It’s also, for the record, brilliant. Achingly sad in places, the sneer of the Mats’ earlier work is still there in places. But most importantly, Westerberg’s second-generation-Springsteen songwriting is in full force.

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READ: There’s a lot of great writing around this album, from this lovely and glowing paeon from Allmusic, to this more honest but no less effusive look back by Consequence of Sound

WATCH: Since the band more or less didn’t exist beyond the recording of the album, live clips from the time are pretty hard to find, so let’s all enjoy the big hair in the video for Merry Go Round.