(1996, Elektra)

One of the great joys of this project so far is going back and discovering albums that we either meant to check out first time around, or heard a few times and never hit us right the first time around.

Of these new gems, little has found my sweet spot more than Archers of Loaf, a buzzing sweet spot between 90s college rock and the nascent mathrock scene that would later envelop my life. This third album by them is their first signed to a major label, but it still kicks like a steroid-addled mule.

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READ: Here’s an excellent look back at this and its follow up when reissue time came around a few years back by The AV Club, and an equally excellent review by the much-missed Drowned in Sound

WATCH: If you’ve got an hour, here’s an excellent full set by the band from the tour of this album.