(1994, Minty Fresh)

The alternative movement’s very own answer to the Beach Boys, Veruca Salt brought an almost overwhelming approach to melody and harmony, then rubbed harmony’s nose in the dirt with fuzzy guitars and a beastly rhythm section.

American Thighs was named after a line in an AC/DC song, and the influence of the Aussie’s oh-so-masculine cock-rock alongside the bristling feminist rage of the riot grrl scene and the aforementioned melodic stylings of Wilson make this an astonishingly accomplished debut.

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READ: The Independent called it ‘the great lost album of the 90’s‘, while Drowned in Sound said ‘Veruca Salt do what other female-oriented bands wish they could: Rock. Without. Trying.’

WATCH: An all-too-brief snippet of them blasting the shit out of Seether on the Glastonbury main stage.