(1990, Lench Mob/Priority)

Ice Cube’s first solo effort after NWA hits every bit as hard as Straight Outta Compton did, thanks to both an absolutely furious delivery throughout from Ice, but also thanks to the colossal production from Public Enemy’s Bomb Squad.

Unfortunately, listening to it in 2020 finds it every bit as prescient and honest about our current state of being as it must have sounded 30 years ago. That being said, a lot of what he has to say about women is, as it was then, pretty disgusting.

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READ/LISTEN: There’s a good examination of the album and its legacy here, or for a less balanced view, you should go back and check out this Best of 1990 episode of the PCL Podcast where Dave and Krister wax very lyrical as to the album’s many merits.