(1995, Elektra)

A magnificent end to the short-lived career of one of the best bands of this or any other decades. Kyuss stood head and shoulder above all of their peers, and even if this didn’t quite match the pinnacle that was Welcome to Sky Valley, it’s still an incredible album.

Much like Nirvana’s In Utero, this is the album I’ve come back to far more than the others, partly because I could bathe in its luxuriant guitar sound until death claims me, partly because of some of those imperfections. Either way, I still love it very much.

LISTEN: Spotify

READ: There’s a fantastic look back at the album in The Quietus that also serves as a pretty decent history of the band.

WATCH: If you’re an Amazon Prime customer I highly recommend this documentary on the whole desert scene that spawned Kyuss, from 2016.

If not, why not enjoy this short burst of One Inch Man live in 1995.