(1991, Roadrunner)

While a few thrashheads may have been aware of Sepultura in their ‘noisy motherfuckers’ 80s thrash stage, it was Arise that launched them into the metal scene’s wider consciousness. A bewilderingly tenchnical rush of blood to the extremities, Arise was a blistering sonic assault on the senses, and just so fucking cool.

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READ: Kerrang making the argument that Arise is the album that made Seupltura great, and Decibel’s induction of the album into their hall of fame.

WATCH: The amazing Under Seige live concert that features huge chunks of the album, and which I remember my housemate at Uni had on a battered old VHS that we used to watch while we ourselves got battered. Someone’s rather kindly put the whole thing on Youtube.