Hey there! So, if you’re remotely eagle eyed, you may have noticed that the 1000 albums project went great guns out the gate, then stopped somewhat abruptly with only 0.055% of the task completed. But fear not, this is not a project abandoned.

The honest answer is the way we were posting albums across Instagram and Twitter in long and convoluted tweet threads, it really wasn’t working for us. It was taking up too much time. So, we decided to change things up a bit, and instead spent at least ten times the time building a brand-new website!

From now on, all the albums will be posted here, then the link shared to all the socials by the magic of RSS feeds. Hopefully that will all work REALLY REALLY WELL and not have any hitches. *ahem*

But that’s not all. By posting all the albums here in a central place, you’ll notice that the site acts as a kind of interactive database, where you can search for albums by year or genre, which is pretty neat. We’ve also added scores to each album, and a nice page that gives a bit of background into the project and what it’s about.

So, take a look around, enjoy, and if anything’s broken give us a shout. Before we go, and get back to the albums, one last point. This is a very silly thing, obviously. We made it to entertain ourselves, and because we’re the kind of people who do this kind of thing. But posting this stuff daily (or as near as we can manage) is time consuming. So, if you do like what we’re doing, or we flag up an album you love (or really hate), do drop us a line. Talk about it on twitter, comment on insta, or leave a comment. Share it with friends if you can. We’d really appreciate it. The real reason we’re doing this is because we love this music, and we love talking about it, too. We never wanted this to be a one-sided conversation, so don’t be shy!

May the 90s live forever,

Thousand Albums Admin.